IRD DYNAX® Axle Sensor

  • Resistive sensor specially designed to operate independent of speed in stop-and-go traffic
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Can be permanently installed with epoxy in a sawcut in asphalt or concrete surfaces or held in place by locking bars in a treadle frame
  • Sensor replacement significantly reduces traffic control and road closure expenses

IRD DYNAX® Treadles

  • Are ideal for toll plazas
  • Available in a variety of models, including single, two, three and four sensor models
  • Can be retrofit into existing frames or supplied with frames for new installations
  • Sensors are individually replaceable, minimizing downtime and treadle replacement expenditures


  • Speed independent
  • Both in-road & treadle models
  • Individually replaceable


MSI (Measurement Specialties Inc.)

  • The MSI BL sensors’ unique flat design results in a more accurate count by rejecting road noise and reducing “ghost axles”
  • Constructed with proven components and assembled in a unique way to improve longevity and uniformity
  • Encapsulated sensor available for good adhesion to the epoxy and protection of the sensor
    Available in a variety of sensor lengths

Thermocoax Inc.

  • Specially designed for shallow installations in thin or reinforced pavements where deeper excavation is a problem
  • Steady output signal over the complete axle
  • Proven sensor technology independently tested by FHWA


  • Class 1 for Weigh-In-Motion; Class 2 for Vehicle Classification
  • Portable & Permanent

Non-Intrusive Vehicle Detector

  • Counting, lane occupancy, average speed and classification for highways, rural, and grid roads including gravel roads and bridges
  • No traffic sensors installed in the road or on the top of the road surface
  • Minimal installation time
  • In most instances, no road closure required
  • Low power consumption
  • Wireless option available

Applications include:

  • Permanent and mobile counting stations
  • Intersections, stop bar and mid-block detection
  • Freeway management and incident detection
  • Traveller information and travel time prediction
  • Queue detection and work zone safety


  • Radar & acoustic detectors
  • No road cuts
  • Multi-lane

Inductive Loops & Magnetometers

Inductive Loops

  • Permanent loops of any dimension for installation with epoxy in roads
  • Temporary loops which are secured onto the road surface with adhesive tape
  • Preformed loops for new roads


  • Direct replacement for inductive loops
  • Quick installation with a single 3/8” sawcut
  • Compact, robust one-piece construction
  • Designed to reduce the effects of temperature fluctuations and destabilizing magnetic fields
  • Vehicle presence, counting, speed and classification
  • Other applications include care wash entry/exit, drive up kiosks, overhead door activation, loading docks and gate control.


  • Reliable and low cost
  • Permanent and temporary models
  • Easy installation