The new battery operated Full Matrix for mobile use. The viasign has been desiged for displaying text as well as graphics and traffic signs. Both fully animated pictures and sequences of texts, graphics and traffic signs can be easily programmed and displayed. The Viasign, with its high operating time, high visibility and low weight is especially suitable for mobile use.

Technical Information:

  • high performance LED display with automatic adaption of brightness
  • special designed protection mask against phantom light ensuring excellent visibility even under strong sunlight
  • integrated NiMH battery 12V / 14Ah with external input port
  • 1760 red LED’s / 1760 white LED’s


  • 63 x 60 x 7 cm (H x W x D) available in different sizes


  • 12.5 kg (w/o battery)

Electrical Power:

  • ca 4W @ 12W

Protection rating:

  • IP 65

Ambient Temperature:

  • -20 °C + 70 °C

LED viewing angle:

  • 15°