A short survey of applications and technology of Falcon radar detectors.

Radar detector with lowest power consumption below 50mW. Microprocessor controlled radar detector for movement and speed detection applications at long distance range with data output for the measured speed values. Detects approaching and / or leaving vehicles (detection direction adjustable). Narrow detection zone with 12° x 17° antenna beam width. Parameter setting b the serial RS232 interface an manually through switches. The detector sets a relay if the speed exceeds or falls below the adjusted speed threshold. A third relay indicates the vehicle movement direction. Numeric data output of all measured speed values by RS232 interface. Cycle time for the measurement is adjustable between 200ms and 3 s. The distance range is adjustable in 5 steps. With the integrated discharge protection he is particularly suitable for solar and batter powered applications.


  • Battery and solar powered standalone systems
  • Speed displays
  • Speed activated variable message signs (VMS)
  • Over speed and wrong direction driver warning signs
  • Intelligent warning signs
  • Railway surveillance


  • Sensor type: CW stereo-Doppler radar, planar module
  • Type of detection: Movement
  • Detected direction: uni- or bidirectional
  • Antenna: 12° x 17° Patchantenna
  • Transmit frequency & power: 24.165 GHz / 5mW
  • Detection distance range (cars): 250 m
  • Detected speed range: 5 – 255 km/h
  • Power supply (nom, min, max): 12V / 5.4V – 30V DC
  • Current consumption @ 12V DC: 3.5mA
  • Signal outputs: 3 relay, 2 LED
  • Data outputs: Yes
  • Interface (Standard): RS 232
  • Interface (Optional): RS 485 or tty interface
  • Data protocol, format: ASCII, 8N1
  • Data transmission rate: 9600 Baud
  • Operational temperature range -40° – +70° Celsius
  • Housing (H x W x D): 125 x 80 x 57 mm
  • Housing protection class: IP 66
  • Other features: Measurement cycle 200 ms – 3 s adj./ manual parameter-setting / Battery discharge protection for 6V, 12V, and 24V systems
  • Options: 230V-version


  • Ball joint fixture: For the fixation of the detector at various posts.
  • Fork mounting: For the fixation of the Falcon Solar.