Simplified data transfer!

The Via Data Buffer II is a small, portable buffer which enables you to readout the data of the viasis und viacount II on site. Afterwards it allows you to transmit the data to your office PC.

It is equipped with a real time clock, which stores the exact time of data transfer from the devices.

You can use the provided software Via Term to transfer the stored data by USB or serial connection to your computer.

The data buffer II offers the option for the viasis to set up the minimum speed, maximum speed and the threshold for the blinking LED’s.

The data buffer is also available as the 11.4 version with the possibility to download data from 4 devices.


  • Handling without previous knowledge
  • Just connect the data buffer II to the viasis/viacount II and transmit the stored data at the push of a button
  • Automatic device identification